Who we are

Who we are…
Epcot Cubicles is a family-run company with pride in what we do, we like to think our customer service is one of the main factors in many customers returning, time after time. We are a well-respected division of the Epcot Leisure Group, which was first established in 1979, with a proud 40-year history in the industry. Our dedicated team members have played a crucial role in our success over the past 40 years, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to every project.
While we originally specialised in the tanning industry, our manufacturing expertise allowed us to expand into the cubicle industry. Over time, we have established solid connections with prominent corporations, government bodies, and small enterprises, building a trustworthy image as a dependable provider of cubicles for different sectors.
Epcot Cubicles provide many companies across the UK with toilet cubicles, tanning bed cubicles, changing rooms, full-frame systems, IPS duct panel systems, and cubicle hardware. We provide excellent service at an economical price, without compromising on quality.
We deliver our products throughout the UK on a weekly basis.
Call our office on 01325 366666 or email sales@epcotcubicles.com for details of our products.


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